Biden administration is having to balance oppositioto Presid

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Turkish action in areas under Kurdish forces control likely to draw a reaction from Russia,web chính thức vnonlinebet US, or both, analysts say. Growing anti-Syrian refugee sentiment has led many to question the fate of Syrians should the AKP party be voted out. Attack reportedly resulted in some material damage but there were no immediate reports of casualties. Anas Fakhri says his father died a natural death at hospital in Damascus. Two Syrian soldiers were injured in an unusual daytime Israeli missile attack on Damascus, Syrian state TV has reported. Speculation has been rife American forces would withdrawal from Syria after the Afghanistan pullout. Pro-Iran outlets say drone attack on Americans, web chính thức vnonlinebet Syrian allies at al-Tanf was in response for Israeli strike on Palmyra. The strike comes two days after an American outpost in southern Syria was attacked. Syrian delegations have failed to agree on new constitution provisions, and no new date is set for the next talks. Justice ministry says those executed were criminals responsible for the deaths and damage to infrastructure. Several school children reportedly among the victims of shelling on the city in rebel-held region of northwestern Syria. Syrian state TV reports 14 military personnel killed, several others wounded in attack during morning rush hour. Aid groups say poor water infrastructure and climate change exacerbating existing humanitarian crisis in Syria. Biden administration is having to balance opposition to President Bashar al-Assad with realistic goals, experts say.