including many talented artists

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This year, the COVID season has said goodbye to many people, including many talented artists; Phi Nhung is one of the famous singers, in addition to the famous singer, she also has a kind heart. Phi Nhung lay down, less than 24 hours, the Governing Council of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha awarded a certificate of merit to a brave Buddhist who went to the epidemic area with infected relatives, she should have been vaccinated, but please concede She gave it to someone else, she was supposed to go to America, but canceled her ticket to go to her compatriots who were suffering. Of course, there are many silent contributions to the compatriots with the compassion of a Buddhist. She understands the pain of families with sick relatives, she understands the helplessness of children who have lost their parents like she used to be, so 23 orphans were adopted by her with a kind heart, experiencing the love of people. mother towards the children when she lacked love since childhood. If you understand, you will be hurt. There is no shortage of artists who come to the people during natural disasters, storms and floods, but few have the courage to face the danger of the century like Phi Nhung. After the news that Phi Nhung had surrendered to death, at home and abroad, in mainstream media and social networking sites, all the worlds felt strangely sympathetic, a sentiment that few artists have; Therefore, it is not unusual for the Church to promptly award a Certificate of Merit to Phi Nhung. Because right in the middle of the fire storm appeared an angel of love like Phi Nhung, worthy of praise. That said, doesnt it mean that life is quiet, Buddhist writers and artists dont need to be praised? Before 1975, in the years 66-68, the late Venerable Tam Chau once awarded a commendation board to the world of writers and artists who have contributed to Buddhist culture, including the late musician Hang Vang.Since the founding of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha over 40 years, the literary and artistic world has not been given due attention; Except for some local Buddhist organizations such as Daklak, a few private pagodas favorably encourage writers and artists to continue to create and contribute to Buddhism in all fields of culture and art such as Quan Pagoda. The Am Phu Nhuan in the time of the late HT Thong Buu was still in office, Phuoc Hoa Monastery in Long Thanh Dong Nai today, Phi Lai Pagoda in Phu Yen supported by HT Thien Dao. Encouragement and support is the hormone that nourishes the blood of art to bloom. Calling for contributions to composing without caring is like wanting a tree to bear fruit without taking care of fertilizers. An Angel of Love likePhi NhungFalling into the pandemic, artists and writers fell into a crazy place, different situations but with the same service mind. The soldier who threw his life in the middle of the arrows and arrows did not because of the stele with the martyrs name, Phi Nhung accepted the danger not because of the certificate of commendation, the literary and artistic world composed not for the interest of the Church, but the echoes of all Weakness is still something that cannot be forgotten, the difference is that a resounding reputation or a silent sacrifice all contribute equally. This is a lesson to be learned from an inadvertent void for any organization leader who needs dedicated personnel to serve. The afterglow is always the prolonged comet tail of an event, a manifest or a silent phenomenon. Anyway, a talented singer, a quiet Buddhist like Phi Nhung deserves to be praised on paper and deposited in everyones feelings. Visiting and supporting the family with 4 deaths due to house fire in Tuyen Quang Professor, Labor Hero Vu Khieu passed away at the age of 105 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2022Buddhism in VietnamTheme bySpiracle Themes